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Hope Valley Fringe

Jonathan Bate [2001: London, Picador]; Kenneth MacMillan, Royal Opera House

Posted by Kevin Flint on Feb 14, 2018

I'm just working on this poetry - the multiple dimensions of 'holding' and the language of love seemed a good starting point on St Valentine's Day! 

I want to explore further the notion of freedom in the context of our relationship with earth. In the language I have begun to gather into this poetry I have yet, also, to explore further the violence of our direct article in English, the 'The'! 

In experiential terms, with the almost immeasurable effects of each of us on our mother earth, everyday, I am hoping to open space for exploring such experience in everyday terms. 

I'm thinking that rather than keep changing this current poem I've just created I'll move on to explore variations on a theme of 'Earth's Song'. 

Earth’s Song


holding together,

we stand,

in the coming time of space


the Other

ever at play in our lives,

are in each coming event

my sun

beyond possession

filling our earth

with your light.


holding hands,

with the Other,

in the coming space

of time

letting bumblebees, blues and fritillaries,  

dragonflies and damselflies,  

tortoiseshells, red admirals and painted ladies,

dancing in winds,

do their work,

on nature’s canvass.


holding to

our principles,

how might we help sustain

our fragrant meadows,

hills and valleys

as a store

in the impossibility

of being filled

with the oxygen of your spirit

in life, sustained

by that alchemy of souls,

we call love.


Let’s not forget, too,

earth has its own voice.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my work. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, feelings... that emerge from your reading - I'd love to hear more from you. 

Take care. Hope to see you at the Hope Valley Fringe! 


14th February 2018

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