Hope Valley Fringe: Bring on the literature!

Our Relationship with Earth

Posted by Kevin Flint on Jan 26, 2018

The inaugural Hope Valley Fringe Literature event will take place on 28 April 2018 as an integral dimension of the whole Fringe event. 

Theme - Our Relationship with Earth

Hope Valley is a very small place on the surface of the earth. But, with modern travel and other technologies, obviously we can communicate with and learn about other cultures from anywhere around the globe. 

In setting the theme for the Literature Fringe as Our Relationship with Earth we are inviting participants to explore any and every possible dimension of this relationship, including, of course, how one might understand such a relationship within a multiplicity of cultures and ethnic groups living on earth. 

We're hoping that participants will surprise us with their take on their experiences of this possible relationship. 

Literature at the Fringe

In speaking of 'literature' - we're not confining ourselves within one of many possible standard understandings of this term, which largely amount to forms of the written word presented in books. We're hoping that individuals/groups working with blogs, and in a variety of multi-media and other possible formats will also be interested in presenting their work. At issue for us is the written word. 

Literature for the event has been divided into four categories

  • Literature presented by young people [under the age of 21 years].
  • Literature presented by new writers.
  • Literature presented by professionals.
  • Literature presented in a variety of multi-media formats. 

Reflecting our focus upon encouraging new talent, our two categories, young people and new writers will each generate two prizes: One for the best writing and one for the best presentation on the day. The other two categories will generate just one prize each, for the best writing.

There will be three main stages to the Fringe Literature event. 

Stage 1: Presenting work to the judging panel

This will require all participants to forward copies of their work to a judging panel via Kevin Flint [the event organiser for the Literature Fringe] by Monday 16 April. 

Stage 2: Presenting work to the public during the day

This stage will be based in one of four 'scapes' within the Hathersage Memorial Hall [see details from our main Fringe flyer].  

During the day from 09.00 until 17.00 individuals/groups can present the outcomes of their work in literature in one of four 'scapes' - landscape, childscape, skyscape, and musicscape - at the Hathersage Memorial Hall. We are hoping the participants will be encouraged to find creative ways of actively engaging the public with their work. 

Stage 3 Shortlisted individuals /groups presenting their work to the public

This final stage will be based at the Outside Café area, above The Outside climbing shop in Hathersage Main Street. 

During the evening [18.30 - 21.30] those shortlisted for each category will be asked to make a 10 minute presentation of their work. They will also be asked to participate in an interview, responding to questions posed by the Chair of the event. Following each interview, the audience will be invited to raise their own further questions.  

Concluding the Event

Prizes will be awarded for what are judged to be the best works from each of the four categories of literature. 

Our gratitude and thanks go to Chris Harle, based at Outside climbing shop in Hathersage Main Street, who's making available book prizes for the event. 

We look forward to meeting you all at the Fringe. We look forward to reading more about your ideas. 

Please let others know about the event, too. 

With thanks to everyone, 


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