This is what I do.

The inspiration for this blog came from my experience of climbing, fell running and mountain biking. As someone who’s been involved in developing philosophy in research and in education over the last couple of decades I’m interested to explore and to open space for reflection, new thinking and dialogue with others on the issues that arise from these and other everyday sporting activities.

One way to open such space, of course, is through the introduction of another language – in this case philosophy. In so doing I also wish to explore further how it may be possible for philosophy to be developed around individuals/ collectives of people rather than on the basis of preserving specialist disciplinary structures. Philosophy for the 21st century is my way of opening such an exploration in a blog.

This blog is my first attempt to connect to a wider audience and embrace the possibilities now offered by new technologies. I hope you enjoy it.

I look forward to hearing your comments, questions and observations.